Khepper App

The Idea

Khepper’s ambition is to bring together all “Made in France” artisans in a single geolocalized application with a catalog of dedicated products - allowing a network of users to communicate, share, buy and comment on products, driving long term performance and sustainability.

To save a business is to save a village, maintaining social links

Jean Pierre

The Tool

Geolocalizing artisans with an application is great, being able to buy your finds is even better!

Around you, there is a heritage worth visiting

Stéphane BERN,
   Ouest France

The Store

The guarantee of local products worldwide

We need to stop manufacturing huge quantities on the other side of the world, which will collect dust in drawers before being thrown out. It’s time to get into a real circular economy and renew local economies”

Guillaume GIBAULT, Le Slip
Français, Chef d’entreprise

The Experience

Khepper offers the ability to purchase French products easily and directly. No need to waste another second on multiple platforms. Khepper is here!

We have an innovative, industrial, artisanal talent.

The economic talent of producing things elsewhere that we could very well produce locally doesn’t fit with today’s world.” Fabienne DELAHAYE, founder of MIF, Entreprendre

Fabienne DELAHAYE, fondatrice
salon MIF, Entreprendre

The Guarantees

Khepper applies itself to ensuring that every object or artistic work is created

on French soil by an artisan selling direct to the public in accordance with our charter.

Made in France is more than a patriotic issue, it’s also a question of common sense and environmental footprint”

Sophie BOISSARD, directrice
générale du groupe Korian, AFP

The Cost

Khepper will be freely available in app stores. For artisans, only a 6% commission will be charged on products sold through the platform. Many flexible options are also available.

Don’t wait until tomorrow, get started today

Xavier Niel

Made in France, it’s pretty brilliant

Gérard DEPARDIEU, Le Point

Join the adventure and stay tuned

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